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Generate Quiz from URL Content

I would love to see a feature that lets us create quizzes directly from the content of a given webpage URL. This would make the quiz creation process much easier and quicker, especially for those of us who often use online sources.

Sat Jun 22 2024

Export to QTI 2.1 Format

It would be fantastic if we could export the quizzes we generate in QTI 2.1 format. This would help a lot with compatibility across different Learning Management Systems (LMS), making it simpler to integrate quizzes into various educational platforms.

Sat Jun 22 2024

I'd love to see an online quiz-taking feature added.

Mon Jun 24 2024

Issue with my account

I purchased a basic plan few days ago. Since this morning, it does not work. No generation. Please tell me what is the problem

Tue Jun 25 2024

Done 🎉